Small Businesses Get Serious About F-Commerce

Ask a 1000 businesses selling on Facebook what they like about it, and the answer that comes up most often is – it’s easy for customers and businesses…

  • Easy to promote products using social marketing (61%)
  • Easy for customers so they don’t need to leave Facebook (60%)
  • Easy to set up and maintain a storefront (50%)
  • Easy to understand (already use Facebook) (40%)
  • Easy for shoppers to discover products on sale (33%)

So says a great new infographic from Facebook e-commerce app, Payvment (below) based on a survey of it’s 1000+ users.

It’s a good reality check, and reminder that simplicity and ease are absolutely key to adoption.

But of course, just because something is easy doesn’t make it right.  But when there’s a compelling 5-point business rationale, then easiness gives the business case the wings to fly;

  1. F-commerce is what customers want; the main reason people connect with you on Facebook is for offers, f-commerce gives you a turnkey solution for giving customers what they want
  2. F-commerce helps monetize your Facebook investment; you’re spending time, effort on money on Facebook – and the only way to be sure it’s paying is with hard sales
  3. F-commerce improves customer economics; fan-first offers on Facebook can boost customer retention (fan loyalty) and drive customer acquisition (via fan advocacy)
  4. F-commerce increases marketing effectiveness; by activating word of mouth you add credibility to marketing communications, making them more effective
  5. F-commerce boosts sales on other platforms; fan-first offers on Facebook create word of mouth and PR buzz that drives traffic to other channels, and gives you an extra argument when you’re trying to you get listed elsewhere

Small Businesses Get Serious About F-Commerce