Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine Optimisation or SEO as we like to refer to it can quite simply be split into two areas – On Page and Off Page SEO. It is our belief, from years of experience that on page accounts for only 20% and off page an incredible 80%!

Unfortunately there is no quick way to the top, we wish there was! Here at Alchemy Internet we go through the following process:

  1. Keyword research – we look at your competitors, analyse keyword search volumes and agree the phrases with you to optimise your website for.
  2. Implement the key phrases throughout your website – on page:
    • Page friendly URLs
    • Page titles, Meta Tags, Alt tags, Image tags, Header tags
    • Internal linking structure and internal links
    • Include your key phrases in your page content
    • Creation of google and yahoo site maps
  3.  We discuss and engage on an off page campaign, this includes:
    • Linking campaign with specific emphasis on link anchor text
    • In context blog / article comments and submissions

In order to measure success we provide the following on a monthly basis:

  • Overview of results and a strategy update meeting
  • Search engine ranking positions (SERPS) for the agreed key phrases.
  • Linking reports
  • Analytic reporting


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Did You Know

Percentage of traffic delivered by major search engines.
Percentage of searchers who click the top ranking link.
Percentage of web users that intend to purchase a product/service when using search engines.
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