Web Design

We need to fully understand your business before we can get creative. We do this by walking you through our web planner. We listen to your ideas, research your target market and check out your competitors. Then we write up a plan.

Design can be a very subjective and emotive subject, so we try to deliver strong, fit for purpose designs to ensure that your target visitors’ expectations are not just met but surpassed. People respond strongly to visual stimulus so don’t fall into the trap of underestimating the importance of good website design.

You can be sure all our websites are coded to the very best standards, meaning that:

  • They comply to accessibility standards
  • Our sites are cross browser compatible*

*Latest browsers, especially NOT including internet explorer 6!

Web Browsers

Windows Internet Explorer   Mozilla Firefox   Google Chrome   Apple Safari   Opera Software

Did You Know

Percentage of consumers who most likely will purchase a product if the website is easy to use.
Of online users are reading content (articles, blogs, websites).
Percentage of UK households who will revisit a website if the design was visually compelling.
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