Importance of Blogging

Digital Marketing’s secret weapon

Whether you’re developing a new website or refreshing your existing online presence, you should be thinking about visibility and how your target audience will find you. So it’s a good idea to make sure that you include a blog in your ongoing marketing plan.

We’ve said before, in previous blogs, that your web content should always carry a SEO value and adding blogs on a regular basis to your website is an excellent way for visitors, (and by that, we mean potential new customers), to discover your site. If the content in your blogs is relevant to your audience, (and it should always be), adding these items of news, opinion and comment regularly, is a great way of building trust in your brand and generating loyalty from your existing customers.

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant.

High search engine ranking positions (SERPS) is the most important aspect of marketing your website and producing blogs on a regular basis (we always recommend you add at least two blogs every month), will contribute greatly to your ongoing SEO practices. As Google is always on the lookout for fresh, new content, adding blogs will play a vital role in maximising your SERPS; and as each blog should concentrate on a subject that’s relevant to your audience, the keywords you include will also help to drive traffic to your website.


Share and watch it grow

In just a very short time, by adding regular blogs to your website, the volume of content will grow significantly which will increase natural incoming links and therefore visibility against subject-relevant searches. By submitting your blogs to high quality and relevant directories, you will create even more incoming links that should help to generate traffic and by sharing your blogs on social media platforms, you will increase your website’s visibility even further. Here at Alchemy Internet, we share our blogs via LinkedIn and Google+ and we are always amazed at the number of views these achieve (and the volume of incoming sales enquiries this activity generates).

Blogs are a sales tool, but selling isn’t just about telling; inviting comments from your readers provides you with a 2-way channel to engage and communicate with your audience. Your blog will often include your comments or opinions on a particular subject that has relevance to your audience and these offer them the perfect opportunity to tell you what they think; we are often surprised by our readers’ responses and have sometimes been able to develop an account as a result.

Accessibility for the growing mobile audience is something that you should also think about; no doubt your web development partner has incorporated a responsive design into your new website, (if they haven’t, give us a shout), and your blog should also include some relevance for people on the go.

Finally, keep it up! Failing to keep your blog updated shows your audience that you don’t really care about how your businesses looks to potential new customers, but it really is worth the effort. But if you’re stuck for an idea of which subject to write about, or you need help writing something of value to your target audience that includes all the necessary SEO content, or you simply don’t have the time, we offer a blogging service that will increase the visibility of your website and drive more traffic to your business.

How does your blogging activity help you with driving traffic to your website?

Are you thinking about blogging regularly but not sure where to start?

Do you have any blogging tips you’d like to share with us?