Google’s Groupon Equivalent has introduced adverts for daily deals to its searchers. This service is called “Google Offers“. It’s currently in beta thefore its only available for 42 cities in United States but they do plan to expanding to the UK late 2012.

What is Google Offers?

Google Offers is a deal-of-the-day website that will be localized to major geographic markets in the United States and abroad. Google launched the website in January 2011, after they attempted to buyout competitor Groupon for a reported sum of US$ 6 billion was turned down. Google are “communicating with small businesses to enlist their support and participation in a test of a prepaid offers/vouchers program. This initiative is part of an ongoing effort at Google to make new products … that connect businesses with customers in new ways.

  • Users receive an e-mail with a local deal of the day.
  • They then have the opportunity to buy that deal within a specific time limit (usually 24 hours).
  • Unlike Groupon, an offer on Google Offers is valid regardless of how many people take it.
  • Google Offers is powered by Google Checkout and integrates with Google Wallet. It will also include Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Google Buzz and e-mail sharing options.

Google Offers are equivalent to Groupon or Wowcher.

Google Offers