The Future of Shopping & Money with PayPal

PayPal has just released a video depicting what the future of shopping might look like with the introduction of PayPal’s next generation payment platforms, as they aim to re-imagine money.

It includes everything from person to person “bump” payments and transfers, location based offers that instantly transfer real dollars to your PayPal account for use in a certain store, barcode scanning with price referencing, QR code check-out, instant scan to pay from barcodes to skip the cash register line and a full post-checkout money management platform that let’s you choose how to pay, after you’ve actually paid for it.

“The act of paying for something should be as seamless as your decision to buy it. The future is about creating real consumer choice, flexibility and control over how people shop and pay. And with PayPal, the future of money is already happening.” – Scott Thompson, President, PayPal

Take a look at the video and judge for yourself, let us know what you think by posting a comment.