‘The Sharing Avalanche’ of Social Media

Social sharing is the backbone of social media. Every time a piece of content is sent out on a social channel, the aim is to have it shared and increase the brand’s visibility. Some even say if it doesn’t share, it isn’t there!

Voltier Digital & Plastick Media have put together a great infographic, with some interesting stats:

  • 1000 people post to Tumblr every 60 seconds
  • 2000 people check in to Foursquare every 60 seconds
  • Social media accounts for 24% of all time spent online
  • 250 million photos are uploaded to FB every day

Who doesn’t share content on social media?

Also interesting to note is the statistics for people who do not share content on social media.

  • A look at Twitter stats shows that only 47% of Twitter accounts are active and half of the registered Twitter users follow 2 or lesser number of people.
  • 11 % of Facebook accounts are inactive.

Social media and brands:

The infographic presents some great trends for social media used by brands for promotions:

  • It has been noticed that 70% of adults who use social media also shop online.
  • 53% of active networkers follow a brand on social media.
  • 60% of those who use digital methods to research about the products they intend to buy, learned about it on social media sites.

For more statistics, here is the infographic:

The Sharing Avalanche Infographic Social Times